Why Booksie

Quality time for parent and child

    The joy of discovery

A value-added toy

Welcome, I'm Aneta, the author of the Booksie box

Education has always played an important role in my life. My mother taught me all kinds of things from a young age, and I myself now teach at a grammar school. That's why when I became a mother myself for the first time, I read all kinds of books about child development and thought about how to give my son the best foundation for his future development.

How the idea of Booksie came to life

When my son was 6 months old, he became more active during the day and it was necessary to occupy him somehow. So I started looking for tips for actively spending time with the baby, which would entertain not only him, but also me, and would also contribute to his development. Considering that I was completing my pedagogical qualification at the time, I was looking for some comprehensive solution. Something that would include both books, toys and a guide for parents on how best to work with them.

Unfortunately I didn't find anything to my liking on the European market so I decided to combine the best of the various books, tools and toys we had at home. And that gave rise to the idea for the Booksie project.

And how do I know it worked? At the age of 2, my firstborn son already knew the entire alphabet, numbers up to ten, basic shapes, colors, animals, and most importantly, he enjoyed learning through play and continues to enjoy it today!