Educational Box

Do you want to spend the time with you child meaningfully and develop him or her through play? Are you looking for one comprehensive solution that will provide you with fun learning activities for a longer period of time? Our Booksie box is just for you and your child. Discover and enjoy our high value content neatly packed in our pretty box.

1,536.45 Kč

All in one

Compared to other toys, the box is unique in that it offers a large number of games in one package. In addition, the individual activities are interconnected and are part of the story about the squirrel Sofi, who is the guide of the entire box. The child is thus more involved in the game and the activity becomes more interesting for him or her.

The games in the box do not focus only on the development of one ability, but contribute to the comprehensive psychomotor development of the child (from the development of motor skills to the expansion of vocabulary). Another bonus of the box is that it contains a guide for parents, where you will learn how to work with the given activities and how to adapt them to your child according to their age. In this way, the baby will receive exactly the stimuli it needs in the given developmental phase.

Booksie will help you spend time together meaningfully and strengthen the relationship between you and your little one.

Our Booksie box contains:

  • 1 interactive lift-the-flaps book with a story about Sofi the squirrel
  • 3 additional books discovering the following topics: First Words, Animals and My Body
  • 3 posters and 15 cards as an activity to the Animals book
  • 8 flashcards as an activity to the My Body book
  • 4 black and white double-sided cards for the little ones - 8 black and white pictures for your smallest babies to look at while they are practising lifting their heads
  • 18 one-piece puzzles as an activity to the First Words book
  • 5 light cubes with pictures of animals and first words. These are made up of cardboard, so they are light and a collapsing block tower won't hurt them. At the same time, they are laminated and can be chewed on and washed with a wet towel without being damaged or harming the curious baby.
  • A manual for parents on how to approach individual activities and how to work with the child while playing