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Educational Box

Do you want to spend the time with you child meaningfully and develop him or her through play? Are you looking for one comprehensive solution that will provide you with fun learning activities for a longer period of time? Our Booksie box is just for you and your child. Discover and enjoy our high value content neatly packed in our pretty box.

1,536.45 Kč

    Hi, I'm Sofi the squirrel.

    And I've got a box full of ideas for great games for your little ones that will not only keep them entertained, but also help their development.

    What happy parents say about our box

    "An excellently crafted "toy". You can invent so many activities with it that there is no need for other toys. My son was particularly interested in the blocks. We talk a lot, play with animals from the pictures, match cards, learn words. It is our daily ritual. I definitely recommend it!!!" Happy

     mom, Žaneta

    "For me, it's a great combination of interesting topics and activities. The little one likes the box very much, she has learned to always finish one activity and neatly put it back in the bag :) So I also appreciate the manual for parents. I think that the box is definitely for older children as well. I am sure people would appreciate it as a baby gift too, we're really excited to have it. :)"

     Happy mom, Tereza

    "The Booksie box is a really great toy!  I really appreciate the whole philosophy. It's a wonderful interactive tool for playing with a parent, but also for an older child's independent play. For the price, you really get a lot of fun. It depends on the maturity of the child, but for us it will definitely last longer than 18 months. I would also like a sequel for older children. Overall superb!" 

    Happy mom, Kristýna

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